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By Ben Young
10 Dec 2020
Exceptional service and care.

A great service - expert advice and treatment from a highly-experienced dermatologist in a relaxed and comfortable setting.

By Catherine
13 Nov 2020
The quality of care and treatment I received from Beauty Lodge was exceptional. I had searched other clinics for the removal of a pilar cyst and some moles and they were far more extortionately priced than Beauty Lodge. From the moment I met Marcus, I knew that my treatment would be dealt with in a safe, professional and experienced way. I’m pleased with the results, the scars aren't noticeable and healed very quickly. I felt calm, confident and reassured from beginning to end and would highly recommend Beauty Lodge to anyone looking for the treatments they offer. I'm so glad I found them.
By Maureen Leask
17 Aug 2020
I have just had my first Stem Cell Microneedling Facial and WOW what a difference it has made to my skin. My skin is smoother and softer, lines have diminished and overall the clock has turned back several years! Sarah has again worked miracles and informs me that the results will improve even more in the coming weeks. Needless to say I have already booked more treatments. Using high end Dermalogica products Sarah achieves high end results. The actual process is pain free but there is a little initial discomfort but this is soothed away very quickly.Thoroughly recommended!
By Keiron Griffin
06 Jun 2020
Recently visited Marcus and Sarah to have a sebaceous cyst removed and am so glad l found this little gem of a place. Right from the offset they were so professional and explained everything that was going on. So happy with the results and would not hesitate to recommend to family friends and to anybody who is reading this testimony and not at extortionate London prices. Thanks again Keiron
By Maureen
12 Feb 2020
Beauty Lodge not only offers an excellent range of treatments at reasonable prices but they take place in an extremely relaxed consulting room. Sarah is the ultimate professional and will put you at ease immediately. No matter what the issue, Sarah will listen to your concerns in confidence. However, with such a "gem" in the centre of Bedford be warned that you will want to try more of the wonderful treatments on offer!!! Whatever your age you cannot put a price on being happy and body confident and Sarah will help to choose the right treatment for your issue. If you have a special event I would advise you to book early.
By Joanna
11 Feb 2020
I can highly recommend Sarah for electrolysis treatment. She put me at ease and explained all aspects extremely well. She’s clearly an experienced professional who also has up-to-date equipment, which is critical. I’m very pleased with the results and will be confident to return in the future, whenever I need further treatment.
By Yvonne Keyte
07 Feb 2020
Having had problem with uncomfortable lesions that became sore and rubbed under my bra my doctor said Beauty Lodge may be able to help me. I have been very impressed, from the first half hour consultation the most problematic itchy lesion was removed and fully healed up in 10 days. The next session all the remaining were removed and healing has been straightforward. I should have had it done years ago. Sarah has done a fantastic professional treatment.
By Samantha
30 Jan 2020
4 Days ago I had my first Stem Cell Micro Needling treatment and instead of my usual dry skin with fine lines it now looks radiant and feels toned. The treatment is perfect for anyone wanting fresh rejuvenated skin. Sarah made me feel at ease and explained each stage of the process which I found relaxing. I highly recommend this treatment and would definitely have it again.
By Adriano
23 Jan 2019
Couldn't recommend Beauty Lodge and Sarah more. Very professional and thorough in approach and very helpful at understand my objective with the treatment I was inquiring.
By Alison
16 Oct 2017
For a number of years I have been going to the Beauty Lodge and it would be difficult to find a better place. Sarah knows her trade and before she commences on any procedure she explains fully what it will incur and the benefits. it is always a joy to go to such an immaculate and well equipped salon with a lady who clearly know her business and keeps up to date with the latest ideas.
By Kayla Ianiri
01 Oct 2017
I'm 14 years old and I came to Beauty Lodge to have the Dermalogica teen acne facial. I haven't got severe acne however, I struggle with my breakouts and oily skin. Sarah was very professional and gave me great advice on how to treat it at home. I was given a few samples from the Dermalogica skincare range and have used them for two weeks. My skin has improved immensely and I am a lot more confident without wearing makeup, it has reduced the oils in my skin along with minimising the texture on my face. The treatment was very relaxing and I loved the light therapy. I will definitely be rebooking this treatment and I recommend this to anyone in a similar situation.
By Sue Barker, SUE BARKER
20 Sep 2017
I have seen Sarah for several different beauty treatments over the past two years and what a blessing!!! I have visited various salons in the past, but from my first consultation with Sarah I was extremely impressed with her level of professionalism, experience and sound good advice. Her salon is extremely clean, stylish and beautifully equipped with the most advanced equipment. Sarah has a lovely calm, caring and gentle nature, which immediately reassures and dispels any anxious concerns. Her sense of humour is infectious and adds to the whole experience. I don't write reviews, but felt compelled to on this occasion as Sarah deserves it. I have very sensitive and dry skin and have tried several good quality brands - all with differing results. A month ago I changed my skin care product, yet again, because of sensitivity, but my face and neck reacted by developing red, sore patches of exema making the condition even worse. Three days ago I contacted Sarah for advice. She unhesitatingly arranged to see me quickly in order to observe the condition and recommend some Dermalogica products to calm the situation down. Dermalogica is the skin care brand that Sarah has used personally and professionally in her Salon for years. From the first application, all the exema patches responded and have continued to do so. Again, another reason to be grateful to Sarah and her wealth of experience. Thank you Sarah. Sue Barker 20th September 2017
By Gail Cooper
10 Jul 2017
I am a Transgender patient of Sarah's, I was required to find an Electrolysis to work on my surgical site and found Sarah on the British institute of electrolysis site. I made my appointment with Sarah and we got on like a house on fire, With her professional and friendly manor she made me feel so at ease with what I was about to go through and Sarah was very easy to talk to taking my mind off what was happening in those sensitive spots. Sarah is an official NHS provider for electrolysis which has helped me and will help others going through the same experience as myself making her great service even better. I could not be happier for what she did for me. Thank you Sarah for all you have done.
By Paula Williams, N/A
29 Jan 2017
I discovered Beauty Lodge after seeing an advert in a local magazine called “Community Life”. This discovery changed my life for the better. I am a Black female and I have suffered from Dermatosis Papulosis Nigra (DPN) for most of my adult life. These are small dark raised areas on the face. Mainly around my eyes and cheeks, like Morgan Freeman. I felt very unattractive and lost confidence in my appearance; until I went to see Sarah the miracle worker. Sarah is lovely, a true professional. My skin looks really good now and Sarah has celebrated with me every step of the way. To anyone considering treatment; I have no hesitation in recommending Sarah, she is an expert in her field. Thank you Sarah for restoring my confidence.
By Stacy Povey
22 Jan 2017
I am a transgender patient of Sarah's that has been seeing her for over a year for hair removal for both the face and surgical site. Her professional and friendly manner made me feel at ease from the very beginning and she clearly has exceptional understanding of hair removal. She's very easy to talk to and we have quite a laugh which really helps when getting "zapped" in sensitive spots. In the time I have been seeing Sarah she has invested in new equipment, training and has become an official NHS provider for electrolysis making her great service even better.
By Sam
19 Sep 2016
I highly recommend Sarah, she is a people person and incredibly knowledgeable in her field. I have had many different treatments from Sarah over recent years but I have just had my first electrolysis treatment. After a short consultation Sarah performed the treatment with minimal discomfort. I hadn’t even realised my problem could be treated with electrolysis. I couldn’t be happier, thank you Sarah.
By Nicola
22 Jul 2016
I started seeing Sarah at Beauty Lodge for microdermabrasion after my old salon closed. She's lovely and a real pleasure to be treated by, as she has the time and patience to answer any questions, and a friendly and relaxing manner. The treatment room is modern, bright and airy. Can't recommend her highly enough.
By Tina
26 Jun 2016
I had wart removed from my face it has completely gone and I am so happy I wish I knew about Sarah and the Beauty Lodge years ago. I was so happy with my treatment and the results I have been back and had some thread veins removed.
By Teresa Brooks
15 Feb 2016
I have visited Sarah on several occasions and find her to be flawless in her approach. She is friendly and puts you at ease, never rushing and always takes time to talk through the treatment and make sure you are happy before proceeding. She has a calming and ultra professional manner and is very knowledgeable answering all question patiently (and I had lots!) She is on the end of the phone at any time and when I needed to change an appointment was very flexible about it. Always wearing a smile, Sarah is a charming, professional therapist who makes you feel like you are her only client! The surroundings are private and relaxing too. I would highly recommend her and having experienced other therapists over time, I can personally vouch for her ethics and talents. You won't be disappointed! Thanks again Sarah.
By Sue
09 Feb 2016
I went to Beauty Lodge after seeing an advert in 'Community Life' and it was a very good decision. The atmosphere in her treatment room was calming and comfortable, and Sarah assessed my needs (electrolysis to remove sun damaged areas on chest and face) and totally removed them. After four weeks I have some feint pink areas where the larger areas were treated, but no mark at all after just two weeks where the smaller ones were. Thank you, Sarah, for your friendly, professional manner and effective treatment.
By Brent Hudson
09 Feb 2016
I have been seeing Sarah for electrolysis work for body hair removal. I have found her to be professional, thorough and efficient. The results have also been superb - regrowth is very slow and I am confident that hair growth will soon have stopped completely. Thanks, Sarah!
By Penny
08 Feb 2016
Electrolysis treatment. I have had a few sessions of Electrolysis from Sarah, and am delighted with the results [removing unwanted facial hair]. I trust her judgement and I feel confident she will only do what is necessary. One of the best aspects of Sarah's work ethic, is that I know I can always consult her and get an honest opinion. February 2016
By Penny Cox
08 Feb 2016
For some time I have looked for someone to finish the electrolysis I started a while ago. How lucky I have been to find The Beauty Lodge. Sarah is very skilful and fully trained and with a small amount of Emla Cream the treatments are relatively pain free. I met a friend o mine the other who had just had some electrolysis some where else, and I was appalled at the state her skin was left in and recommended Sarah to her at once. Take it from me I've also had some bad work done so I know that Sarah's is of the highest standard of care/skill and hygiene.
By Viki
13 Dec 2015
Sarah is such a lovely lady. She's professional and very meticulous.  I can highly recommend her and her services! xx
By Eric Cartwright
21 Sep 2015
I went to see Sarah to find out if some unsightly brown patches could be removed using electrolysis. After an examination the marks were diagnosed as sebaceous warts and they could be removed quickly and easily with a minimum of discomfort and this proved to be the case. Some straightforward aftercare was recommended and within ten days they had disappeared. I have since had another wart treated and this was also successfully removed in the same professional and caring manner. Thank you Sarah.
By Sally Loughlin
15 Sep 2015
I have been seeing Sarah for the removal of skin tags and seborreic warts, the treatment has been carried out in a professional and caring manner and I am very happy with the results. Sarah explained fully the treatment and after care. The treatment room is very relaxing and clean. I would be very happy and confident in recommending Sarah.
By Lindsay Walkace
14 Sep 2015
A mutual friend recommended Beauty Lodge and Sarah to me a few months ago as I wanted to have several skin tags removed and a sebaceous wart removed from my hand. Sarah was so reassuring and talked me through the whole procedure to make sure I knew what was happening at every stage. I can't explain what a difference this has made to my self confidence about my skin over the summer months. The outcome on my hand has been amazing it's as if the wart was never there!! I have felt able to wear summer dresses and low tops without worrying about my skin tags on show. Wonderful!!
By Paul Driver
13 Sep 2015
I went to see Sarah of Beauty Lodge, she removed some unwanted skin tags. Sarah was very professional, quick and efficient as well as being very friendly. The service was great, she even rang me a couple of weeks later to see how i had healed. I would definitely recommend her to my friends and family. Thank you Sarah
By Liz, Liz McMahon
03 Jun 2015
I've just visited Sarah for the first time, and I'm really happy with the results. Sarah is knowledgeable and inspires confidence - I will definitely be coming back for more treatments.
By Elaine Jones
29 May 2015
I had been looking for somebody to remove my unsightly seborrhoeic warts for a few years and came upon Sarah's advert. She is a very professional person and has dealt with and is still dealing with my facial problem for which I am very grateful. I don't have to pull my hair over my forehead anymore....hooray! Sarah has also helped me with advice and dermalogica products to improve the condition of my skin. The facial treatments using dermalogica are just wonderful and your skin feels very refreshed. Thank you Sarah for your expertise and help.
By Debbie Collyer
27 May 2015
I am so glad that Sarah was recommended to me by a friend. I have had thread veins all over my face for many years which has meant having to wear an awful lot of foundation ( and I am not really a make up kind of girl! ) so discovering electrolysis has been a wonderful thing, each treatment I have I see them disappearing in front of my eyes & my confidence has grown. Sarah is such a lovely lady and so knowledgeable and her treatment room is really relaxing. If I had known about this treatment I would have had it done a long time ago. I highly recommend Sarah.
By Emma Watson, Specky & Ginge Social Media
06 May 2015
I have visited Sarah on several occasions for a variety of treatments and I can honestly say I wouldn't go anywhere else now. I changed beauty therapists to specifically see her, as her knowledge and expertise is second to none and that's the most important thing when you are trusting someone with your skin and body. Sarah is fun to be around and lifts your spirits the moment you see her. Always 100% professional and her gorgeous salon is so welcoming and relaxing - like you're cocooned in a little place away from the hustle of everyday life. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her to friends, family or even the lady next to me in the supermarket check out!
By Suzanne Bywater, Appletree Interiors
05 May 2015
I met a lovely lady at a monthly networking meeting, Sarah Thomas, it was obvious to me hearing lots of positive feedback from other ladies at the meeting, that Sarah is a master in her field. With this in mind I booked an appointment to have a rather large skin tag removed from my neck. The whole process was over in minutes and was not an uncomfortable procedure. 6 days after the procedure, the skin tag dropped off and I have been left with a smooth scar free neck. I would totally recommend the services of Sarah Thomas.
By Louise Moroney
19 Feb 2015
Sarah is AMAZING!

My best friend gave me a gift voucher to use for some treatments for my birthday and it was the best present ever. Not only is Sarah a lovely person but she is so knowledgeable and quite inspiring too. I have had 2 facials so far (power active & super active) and I noticed the difference in my skin straight away after both treatments.

I have booked more treatments with Sarah before my wedding this summer and will continue to do so. Sarah really spends time and effort with her treatments and it's a totally relaxing experience in a lovely setting. If you want to feel truly pampered I highly recommend you go and see Sarah...she is worth every penny :)

By Kathy Holme
14 Feb 2015
I have been having various beauty treatments with Sarah for the last 8 years in her friendly and welcoming beauty salon I have been extremely pleased with my last treatment which has been the removal of age related moles, the final result has been quite amazing !!! Thank You Sarah
By Helen
12 Feb 2015
Sarah is warm, knowledgable and professional. The treatment room is beautifully presented and relaxing. I thoroughly recommend her.
By Keranjit Kaur, Dermalogica Facials
19 Nov 2014
I went to Sarah because my skin was in desperate need of some attention. Having seen the Beauty Lodge website I could see that Sarah had extensive experience with Dermalogica products and with that in mind I booked my first appointment. I started my treatment with the super active facial and then based on Sarah's expert advice I am now having the power active facial. My skin has never looked and felt so good. I've also treated myself to other treatments, which have always been done with the same level of professionalism as my facials. The best thing is I always leave feeling like I've been pampered!

Thank you Sarah!

By Lesley Dick, Electrolysis
01 Nov 2014
I have visited Sarah on a number of occasions now with the problem of facial hair and would like to say how delighted I am with the treatment I have received.

At the first consultation Sarah discussed with me in depth the various techniques available and which would suit me best. She also advised that this would not be an” instant cure” but rather a progressive treatment to completely eradicate the coarse hairs on my chin and upper lip.

I was completely put at ease by her very professional, caring, friendly manner and it was obvious that she had an in-depth knowledge of Electrolysis.

Every consultation in her immaculate, very well equipped salon has been painless, relaxing and actually enjoyable. This is mainly due to Sarah’s expert skill but also to her infectious happy nature and sense of humour. One leaves with a complete feeling of well- being.

To anyone considering Electrolysis I would have no hesitation in recommending Sarah as she is obviously an expert in this field.

I no longer have to hide behind my hand in embarrassment so thank you Sarah for restoring my confidence.

By Kim Shayler, Genie Complete Body Tone
28 Oct 2014
just wanted to say that I am so glad I was introduced to you and your treatments with the genie machine.

As I explained to you due to back problems I was unable to do sit ups, the genie machine solved this problem. Having the 10 treatments on my abdomen and thighs has made so much difference to my body that I cannot believe.

As you know it was my daughters wedding, my one big wish was to look better in my wedding outfit, well I did. I looked better and felt better in myself and had so many lovely comments on the day that it was the icing on the cake (pardon the pun).

I am continuing with my diet and exercise regime that I was doing at home, but I will be continuing with the maintenance course with you. Also as I loose more weight I will be starting another course of 10 as soon as I can.

I feel like a new me! My clothes are fitting better, in fact I can now get into clothes that felt rather snug before I started my genie course, I even have clothes now that are quite loose which is the best feeling in the world.

Thank you for all your help and support in these last few weeks, I am off on my holiday next week but will be contacting you as soon as I get back to arrange my next session.

By Sandra Tyler-Smith, Dermalogica BioSurface Peel
24 Sep 2014
As an Avid fan of new treatments and creams I was introduced to Dermalogica by Sarah Thomas. I have always maintained my skin with facials, vitamins and good creams so was quite excited to try this as over the years my skin has become more dehydrated with a few age spots and add changing hormones into the mix this has become more prominent.

Sarah explained in detail what the Dermalogica BioSurface skin peel would entail and although I knew it wouldn’t be painful I wasn’t expecting it to be as relaxing as it was due to the deep exfoliating process. I found it to be tingly but not painful and managed to have this done 5 times which is the maximum you can have in one session.

The aftercare was explained in detail and a package of creams to nourish and protect the skin was an extra bonus - I used these over the next week and had no flair ups with my skin.

The outcome of this facial was youthful , vibrant skin – It was glowing and soft . I even found that I could actually get away with not wearing much foundation. . I am now trying to have at least every month to keep that youthful glow and hydrated skin.

It Works !!