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Advanced Cosmetic Procedures - Mole Reduction Treatment

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The size and appearance of unsightly moles can be visibly reduced and improved using Advanced Electrolysis techniques.

However, for the patient's safety, it is essential to ensure that the mole is a perfectly normal healthy mole before treatment can commence.

Healthy moles are often pigmented growths or small blemishes on the skin that commonly appear in the first few decades of life in almost everyone. The average young adult has about 25 moles.

Unusual or atypical moles can signify an increased risk of melanoma although malignant melanomas can arise from both existing moles or from healthy skin.

The ABCDE rule helps recognise suspicious moles.

A — Asymmetry,
B — Blurred Borders (irregular, or jagged edge)
C — Colour variation
D — Diameter larger than 5mm (1/4 inch),
E — Elevation (especially when uneven)
E — Evolution (changes over time).

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Referral to a GP may be necessary prior to treatment.

Pleae note that prior to any mole treatment being carried out, clients must have have an Advanced Cosmetic Procedures Consultaion with Sarah.
In addition, all clients must bring with them a letter from their GP confirming the mole has been checked and is of no medical concern.

Ask Sarah for advice about many treatable skin conditions such as; Sebaceous cysts, Age spots, Xanthelasma and other blemishes.