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Non Surgical Face Lift Genie-: Single Treatment

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The Genie Non Surgical Face Lift can be thought of as a personal trainer for the face - Skin Tightening using Radio frequency including a mouth and eye treatment to smooth lines, lift and depuff eyes.

When the facial muscles begin to shrink the drooping effect on the face can be very aging. By rebuilding the ageing muscle mass to its previous state, the face is fuller and benefits from a visible lift which can be maintained with regular treatments.

This fuller, healthier look also helps to eliminate many lines and wrinkles because the muscles are subjected to ‘power building’. For 24 hours after the treatment, the muscles are still working and regenerating themselves.

This technology is the result of the work of Dr. Baxendale, one of the world’s leading neurophysiologists and an expert in therapeutic electrical stimulation, whose research was targeting those suffering facial palsy. He adapted the system to suit the beauty profession using vast scientific knowledge and his work has resulted in us being able to offer clients a natural and effective face lift, without the need for surgery.

A course of 10 treatments is required for results to last up to 12 months. Please book a Facial Consultation before commencing this treatment.

Here you are booking a single treament - if you would like to block-book a course of 10 treatments (which is recommended for best results), please see 'You may also like' below.

Benefits of Genie Non Surgical Face Lift

  • Instant results in just 10 minutes
  • Using the latest technology
  • Rebuilds tired sagging Facial Muscles
  • Re-contours the Face
  • Eyebrow Lifts
  • Softens Lines and wrinkles
  • Regains a youthful look in 10-15 treatments
  • Treatments for both Men and Women
  • Medically Proven Technology
  • Enhance Cheekbones
  • Lifts corner of Mouth
  • Fills out Upper Lip
  • Sharpens Jaw Line
  • Helps Reduce 'Crepey Neck'